There are many theories about when and where pretzels became a good luck symbol for the New Year…

Some people believe it began in 600 A.D. when a monk in France made pretzels out of leftover dough- in
early medieval times a bread pretzel was broken like a wishbone at the end of the marriage ceremony-
eventually becoming a symbol of good luck in religious paintings- especially with St. Bartholomew-

Others think it began around 610 A.D. when French monks offered them as a reward to children for learning
their prayers and they were called “Pretiola” which means little reward- Children in Austria and Germany
began to tie “pretiola” or what they called “bretzein” around their necks at the beginning of the New Year in
hopes of receiving prosperity, health and good fortune.

German immigrants brought this tradition to the United States where they became “pretzels” and German
bakers made pretzel coffeecakes for the New Year so that everyone could partake a piece to insure their own
prosperity, health and good fortune in the New Year- but you can order your pretzel anytime
in the year to ensure good luck on your special occasion.

We have been part of this tradition since the 1930’s- below is a list of the type of pretzels we make.  Please
call and order your favorite for New Years or any other special occasion.


Come in two types of dough, sweet dough and  danish dough.
Can be filled with apricot, raisin, cherry nut, strawberry, poppy, pineapple or nut filling.

You can get them glazed, iced, and decorated with cherries and nuts for that special touch.

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Origin Of The Good Luck Pretzel
(Also New Year Pretzels)